Ring Modulator Between Two Tracks

Hi, it will be good if there is a renoise effect that create RING MODULATION between two tracks (not between a track and an oscillator inside the effect)!
also good if there is another for FREQUENCY MODULATION.

Heard! Goattracker does this and it’s insanely fun.

do you mean’ to modulate the amplitude of a track with the output ( amplitude ) of another ( modulator ) track ?

Not the amplitude of another track (it’s envelope shape), the Signal Follower will do that, has to be modulated by the waveform itself to be Ring Modulation.

dear god…

THIS! don’t leave out the FM either.

And while you’re at it, how bout a pitch > mod source convertor! that would blow my mind.


No, I mean NOT the envelope, but just like if the two audio track are two oscillator of a classic analog synth,
and then you can ring modulate (multiply) the two signal, or modulate the pitch of one with the waveform of another!

i’m not sure Renoise audio engine has enough time resolution to make such a DSP useful (DSP time resolution should still be less than audio resolution, if I remember correctly). Signal follower is not extremely responsive yet still good enough, but probably a ring modulator would be too slow to be precise

That’s where the PDC kicks in. Some other internal DSP effects also requrie plugin delay compensation.

+1 for send and receive on ringmod device

Are you kidding? CPU intensive? No way. It’s just multiplying 2 signals. Say you could choose in the ringmod: track1, sine, saw, etc… Not quite what Ballacr75 suggested but it would be fine by me.

no he said the engine wouldn’t be up for it… but anyway i think (yes that means i don’t know shit) it should be possible?? you can have free vocoder vsts in send tracks so what’s so tough about multiplying 2 signals?
fm modulation is a whole different thing… I’m still really hopeful that there’s more pitch mod options then triggering envelope positions from pattern fx!! (in a future renoise version… portamento control, messing with any sample params like transpose from automation/patterncmds, that kind of stuff. it’s about all that’s missing from making renoise the complete wizz kid professional recording/producing studio right?)

Oh… the engine. Hmpf!
Cas: Not much is missing in renoise; everything added nowadays is just sweet sugar.
Well, made a quick sketch in PureData to illustrate what “we” are talking about: http://www.mediafire.com/?jafgc5cxoszm2rr

Hey man I just got to say that example is BEAUTIFUL. Crazy mad DSP right there!!!

((…for those not aware, you can already multiply samples in Renoises sample editor, though offline, using the mix-paste option ‘Modulate (Multiply)’.

For example: make a selection in a samples waveform, copy (ctrl+c), select another sample in your instrument list and press the mixpaste keyboard shortcut or the third icon to the right of the undo toggle in the sample editor. Select modulate, press process and hear the result.))

Do you think that the Ring Mod device doesn’t work with sample precision using it’s internally generated waveform? The precision would remain the same as currently, just the modulation waveform would also come from an external source.

But unless Renoise has Advanced Audio Routing in general (fingers crossed for one day soon) I see this as being a bit of a pipe-dream. Hopefully both can come to us together in the next update though ;)

I think that correct modulation implies that every sample of signal generated by a track should be modulated by each sample generated by the other.

this would require a DSP time resolution equal to the sampling frequency, but I’m not 100% sure that this is the case in Renoise, expecially with routing devices. It’s not a question of PDC in my opinion, as what I am saying is not that a readahead is required, but that each sample needs to be involved in the calculation

And I agree and what I am saying it that that currently happens, we just have no way to route one track into third/fourth inputs of a DSP (assuming stereo for both carrier and modulator.) We are not talking about parameter changes (which is at a lower resolution) but DSP calculation, which is performed for every sample (otherwise it would be pretty useless.)

Anyway is that easy to hook it up to some Renoise (or jack) outputs?