Ringmod in Hz not note-snapped

Hi, in previous renoise versions the ringmod was a Hz input from 0 to 22khz, in newer versions it is note-snapped only, can revert the plugin input to Hz by loading an old track and copy/pasting the plugin, but is there a way to switch this input setting back to Hz please?

Try this doofer preset I made. It does not allow tuning to exact HZ values (can do that for you if you like, so you could enter the hz in a formula device), but it will allow scanning through the whole ringmod range with a continuous control.

Contiring.xrdp (7.6 KB)


this tool tool allows access to ALL deprecated native fx through menu selection…
very handy!
after installing, right-click in dsp chain, ~add native>modulation>ringmod(dep)

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this is also very interesting will experiment with it thanks!

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