Ringmod Sidechain

Hey, has anyone messed with ringmod sidechain in renoise? I think it’s a really interesting concept so I wanted to share my current setup for it and see if anyone else has a better idea for it.
Here is a link to the video going over it:

the basic premise is rectifying your kick negatively, sending that to the sidechain input of a ringmod on your bass. Then you sum the output of the ringmod and the bass to get a waveform with space carved out for the kick.
Here is my renoise snip and file, take note of the rectifier settings if you want to copy. You will need the melda free pack to do it the way I have set up.
ringmod sidechain.xrns (41.6 KB)

Here is where I’d love feedback to try and simplify the process (too many tracks!)
I send the kick sample to two tracks from the sample effects page, one to play and one to send to be rectified and then sidechained to the ringmod. I’m wondering if there is a way to send this to the ringmod without using an additional track.
The ringmod is on a send track so that I can send the bass to it and have it summed in the master.

I’ve looked at the waves in reaper and it looks to be pretty effective at carving out space, I’m going to try it in my next track. I’m curious to hear what others here think.


hey, this is very interesting. I had seen that borrasca vid some time back and was intrigued by the method. Still trying to wrap my brain around it fully. It would be great if this method could be contained in instrument fx, but the lack of routing to send tracks makes it a no-go as far as I can tell. perhaps a keener head than mine can figure out a way to streamline the process. Otherwise, the way you have it configured seems like the best bet, or at least as far as I can see… Kudos to you for implementing it in renoise! I’ll try this method on my next dubstep tune/template

Yes very nice, have to try this myself, thanks for sharing!


I have refined it to only need one extra send track, but I would like to figure out a way to remove that as well. Then it would be excellent. The sequence is:

  1. send drums to drum receive, keep source. drum receive sends drum sound to master.
  2. rectify the drum track
  3. side chain to ring mod, mute source. drum track doesn’t go to master.
  4. ringmod needs to be set to 50% dry wet and that produces the same wave as 0% summed with 100% wet. Because of that it can sit on the sidechain track or group.

The problem is that you need to send the drum track out before waveshaping to preserve because as far as I can tell, you can’t unrectified a wave. This necessitates the extra send track that is basically just receiving the drums. That’s where I am at, trying to figure out how to send the sidechain signal without needing an extra track. If I could unrectify the drums, I could send the sidechain signal, then unrectify and send the drums to master instead of a drum track. It works, but it still isn’t perfect.

The last con is that you can’t use the mixer fader because it doesn’t affect the sidechain volume, thus producing a different curve in the end. If that’s something you need then you would likely need to set it up using two send tracks instead (similar to first post except it uses two sends instead of one track and one send). The prefader should be fine, or a gainer before the send. Anything that affects the signal needs to be prior to send basically. Not a problem for me because I mix with neutron.

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Final update:
You can use the MChannelMatrix as a track send to the master channel (or where ever) with the sidechain tool. You can’t put the channel matrix on the same drum track, but it does allow you to eliminate a redundant send track if youre like me and get confused if theres more than 8 blocks in the pattern matrix. As far as I believe, with my crude testing, this perfectly matches the volume curve of the sidechain track to the drum track without adding any extra tracks to your renoise session.



Incredible man Takamitsu implemented this trick in the plugin for which he is very grateful! while it is still in development, but there is already a working prototype

Anyone who might be interested in getting feedback

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cool. I will check these out :+1:

free version for windows.



now working on mac

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