Ringmod Tuned To Note Pitch

Here’s a little DSP chain I made a while ago but forgot to share.

It uses a Key-Tracking Device and a custom LFO to tune the RingMod frequency to match the notes you play. Every note from C-0 to B-9 has been mapped.

For example:

  • C-4 = 261.63Hz
  • A-4 = 440Hz
  • A-5 = 880Hz


DSP chain: dblue-tuned-ringmod.xrnt

I will post a cool example of what I’m doing with this in another thread soon :)

ha, neat! thanks!

Will this method also work with the filter or scream devices?

It will, but the envelope points need to be tuned to each particular device. I’ll try to post something for those soon.

Here it is: Filter Tuned To Note Pitch

Wow did you just literally put every correct note frequency in automation? Thanks! :)

Nah, I wrote a program to do it for me :)

This should be in the standard DSP Chains map… :)

yes lets hope the devs put it there in the final version of 2.6 :D

Dude, you sooo stole this from me…

j/k… j/k…

Great tool and idea, but damn it would be cool to have something as smooth and intuitive as the graphical pitch-tuned filters in Massive for example.

thankyou(hit and run)

dblue, could you make this hacks for Flanger and LoFi please? Flanger uses ms which is upside down the table, but still should be simple if you got scripts to generate the LFO points.