Filter Tuned To Note Pitch

Just like the Tuned RingMod I posted earlier, here’s a DSP chain that maps note pitch to filter frequency.

For example:

  • C-4 = 261.63Hz
  • A-4 = 440Hz
  • A-5 = 880Hz


DSP chain: dblue-tuned-filter.xrnt

Tip: If you want to invert it, simply swap the Dest Min and Dest Max values of the Key-Tracking Device. You can also tweak the scaling this way.

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Cool thanks!

Forgot to mention earlier this reminds me a lot of the VSTi Chimera. Put a noise generator before the chain, set the filter to 4n butterworth Bandpass as narrow as possible and you have a noise-synth. I adore that sound. There’s nothing like it. Windy, ghostly and haunting sounds, especially when you start modulating and morphing things.

Thanks :) , this makes dense mixes much much faster to manage.

wow, thanks dBlue!

oh, you stole this from me. i was doing this on a commodore pet in 1926!


(doh, capslock on)

This is great for cleaning up the aliasing/bottom-end rumble from heavily FX’d synths. Chuck the filter on HP/8-stage Butterworth and make sure your sample/synth is tuned to the right octave. Nom nom nom cleeeeeean.

This is awesome dBlue! cheers!
Must’ve been a pain in the brain to get all those values.

A bit of white noise and you’ve got perfect ‘Being Boiled’ drums :)

This is similar to what I do in Wolpertinger, a VSTi for Linux.

OT: What other song is it I have heard with that same chord progression in the chorus? Sounds almost exactly like the same, just with an added vocal choir that go, “Ahhhhhhh- aaaaaahh”

Dude, you stole that from me, I was doing this back in 1903 with cowbells and homemade resonance chambers.

Native tuned delay lines would be real nice.

I am very much behind the times. Of course this exists.