Rise Of The Triad

Hi there. I’m a new user to the Renoise forums, although I have been using Renoise now for over a year.

Just wanted to say hi, and to participate in the community.

I’ve just made what I consider to be my first “full” track in Renoise. Anybody ever play the game Rise of the Triad? It is a cover of one of the songs from the game, (level 2 I believe) and I used renoise for the track, using samples and my 8string bass. I’d love to get some feedback on my first proper track, and to know what you all think.

The song is called “Rott.bat”, and can be found on my myspace page, (the first song)



Ah, Rise of the Triad, I haven’t played that game in many years but I instantly recognized the song, the music in that game really set the feeling of the game. Your remix sounds a bit Trentemöller-esque, which is a good thing in my book.

amazing! Thanks very much! Cheers for having a listen.

Holy shit ROTT… fucking rights… that game is STILL the best first person shooter EVAR. Lovin the cover so far =D

Nice tune!

I like that a lot.
I never played the game, but did the original song have all the glitches and stuff in it?
That’s a pretty cool soundtrack if it did, and good work from you if it didn’t.

Also, I see you are from southampton, hello from chichester.

Hey Niall.

The song was just an instrumental midi, which I transcribed. I wanted the feel of the game, so I did all the glitches and percussion elements myself, using alot of the in game samples.

Greetings in the south!