Rising Phoenix - I Love You instrumental 88bpm - free to download


Nice flow… :slight_smile:
The overall sound quality/mastering is not so crisp unfortunately.

Good point, thanks for your input, yeah I hate how the kicks have turned out but I have started a new project now but if you like you can download the renoise song file and have a go at leveling it out I put it up @ http://www.filedropper.com/brass

Sounds like it’s happening at the neighbor’s house

maybe I should eq less

Wanna load up the XRNS file?


Yea, a lot of the plugins are missing, but the song sounds MUCH better in renoise.

96 LPB?!? Are you mad?

Oh right, yeah am on linux, most people are macs or windows so your getting a non eq’d version

Yea, it sounded more punchy. I just spent the last 2 hours messing with your track. Here’s some things I noticed. You have no headroom (its literally at zero DB)so you have everything cranked down to -11db with the PRE-mixer volume. I use the POST volume shader to turn things down. I also give myself -10db in my headroom, then I don’t have to do what you did to each track. Plus, my music is a nightmare for volume levels so to avoid clipping I give myself a ton of headroom, then use something like Audition after I’m done with the track to get all my volume back. So I would go to your song properties and your headroom to at least -6db. I don’t mess with the volume that you use too much. Instead, I use gainers, and the post volume control. This way you have been control of the volume between or after DSPs.

There was some other curious things about the way you put the track together, but I think it was mostly to get a certain type of feel. All your instruments endingabruptly is an example. You do a much better job than I do at organization and using the the Pattern Matrix.

If I were you I’d use a lot more signal followers and instrument automation. Another thing you wanna probably play with more is pattern effect commands. They are another great way to control volume(but the more gainers and dsps you use, the less effective volume via pattern commands will be).

Keep in mind I’m telling you this just from personal experience. I speak from no place of authority. I think I’m just starting to wrap my head around things…

Anyways, I played with your track and I’m uploading it for you to listen/look at. The only plugins you should be missing are the EQ’s you used(I erased them) and the EQ’s I used instead.


I added reverb, and delay to a few tracks too

your mix is a lot clearer, I appreciate the time you put into it.

I will try and leave more headroom in future mixes, thanks :0)

My remix of this track.

great work :0)