Risset Tones

Warning: this is not music! But it still might inspire someone…

Risset.xrns (7kb)

Basically, I’ve done a risset tone sequence that goes through a full octave before it starts repeating. The trick is to fade high notes out, while low are faded in. Of course, it could have been the other way around as well :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the effect is much more convincing with a “full” waveform spectrum. That’s also why I add some additional harmonics. Also, at the end, I have removed some of the notes, which results in a progressive chord sequence. But if you enable the instrument pitch envelope, you’ll discover that the risset is actually still very much there!

expecially the part using the pitch envelope is very nice!

that’s really interesting, I had to wikipedia risset tone to see what it was, but yeah, this works real well.

Glad you like it. I was toying around with rissets, years ago on Audiomulch (built-in shepard/risset tone generators and filters), but the result IMO is much more interesting in Renoise, because there’s also a rhythmic feel to it, instead of being ‘pure melody’…

I’m definitely going to make more of these!