Rme Babyface And Totalmix Fx


I recently bought an RME Babyface sound card, and I’m really happy with it.
Now I wonder if any Renoise user here is using it too, and if there is a way to use the DSP effects from Totalmix into Renoise?
I read a lot of threads, and it seems like I have to send the tracks I want to the TotalMix tracks, but I can’t do it… :(

Fo example, if I have 5 effects (and/or VST effects) on a track, and I want to add the Babyface reverb instead of the current VST reverb I’m using (to spare some CPU).
Is it possible? And how?

That would be very nice to have an answer (sorry for my poor english by the way).


I’ve the Fireface UC. It has’nt DSP onboard FXs but in your case, I suppose, it can be achieved by some additional routings.

First of all - as I think - you have a send knob at each playback channel in TotalMix. So, in Renoise, you can add a send track (Send1) and route it not to Master but to playback out instead(AS 1/2 or ADAT 3/4 and so on…).
In TotalMix you need to set the send fx knob of AS1/2 playback channel as you like. Then, if you send a signal to send1 track - it will go to internal card’s reverb. At harware out (TotalMix) you need to set a return fx level (via corresponding knob).

This should work, but you wil lose your reverb return control in renoise, couze wet signal will be mixing with main out signal only in hardware.

Seems what I did not be correct.
Returned signal still can be returned to Renoise via loopback functionality of TotalMixFX (as an input channel).

Thanks a lot misha! But if I return the signal to Renoise from TotalMixFX, the whole master track in Renoise will be affected by the FX, am I right?

You can route a signal via additional send track (created in Renoise) and set it to AS 1/2. In TotalMix FX you will see a two playing back software channel (Renoise master channel will be set to AN1/2 for example).
AS1/2 FX Send (in TotalMixFX)you will set to any value what you like and this AS1/2 Playback channel must be connected to another Harware Output channel when AN1/2 is connected to… After that, you will enable a loopback on this different Harware Output Channel and it will be routed to the one of the Hardware Inputs (must see it in TotalMixFX). This input you can catch into Renoise via Line-In Device module.
So, if this setup is correct - you will get a Master out, and a special send, processed thru RME’s internal reverb and returned back to Renoise (don’t know about amount of delay, think it will be sincronized)…

P.S. beware of positive signal feedback what may be occure using loopback feature! :panic: :w00t:

Thanks Misha, you rock!