Rms Mode For Meters

Hi there,

an RMS mode for the meters would be nice. Peak amplitude isn’t always that informative.

Yes, please…I don’t understand why this doesn’t exist. Also, rms level on samples as well, like on Audacity? Actually I’d like the ability see both peak and RMS on meters as weel simultaneously, like on Audacity as well.

EDIT: talking rubbish again.

For now you can used Voxengo SPAN which has great metering options.

Windows only, that is why we need it natively.

Works on OSX here too.

Okay, then it is Windows and OSX only. My point stays the same.

I was reading “Percieved Loudness, RMS level?” from gearslutz while this RMS mode request popped up.

Originally I was trying to find some info on Bob Katz K System,

to better organize my synthesizing and mixing workflow in a fluctuating listening environment.

I’ve been using Schope and Span, but more native meters would be great.


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anyways for your metering task use dpmeter pro4 free i think



i have TDR limiter which has perfect meters,
apart from owning span plus and couple other metering tools.
The thing is when i’m on linux, i do not want wrappers/emulators involved.

yet i do workaround by routing audio directly into mixbus32c and doing mix there, but i wanna be fully renoise - when doing music.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Not available on Linux :slight_smile:


:frowning: damn that’s a shame

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