RN-808 drumkit (standart) does not play more than two notes simulatene

Steps to reproduce a bug:

  1. Create a new song in x64 version of Renoise 3.0

  2. Load RN-808Gmkit.xrni from Renoise \Library\Instruments

  3. Fill Track01 with bassdrum (B-2 & C-3)

  4. Fill Track02 with hihats (F#3 & G#3)

  5. Play and hear no bassdrum if hihat and bassdrum are in one row.

  6. Solo hihat track and see whether bassdrum is player or not.
    6a) If it is heard – you have Options\Mute mode set to “OFF (Dont trigger notes\events)”.
    6b) If it is not heard – you have Options\Mute set to “Mute (silence audio signal)”.

I’ve checked where I could (NNA, Mute Groups) and found no way to make this work.

Is there fx inside of the instrument? If so, you currently only can use the instrument on one track (using multi subtracks).

You can no longer play Renoise instruments on multiple separated tracks as soon as they use FX chains in the instrument. (They are more or less behaving like a VST instrument in that case)
Since the Fx-chains are bound to send the audio to the track where the note was triggered in, it also has to be processed once more by the effects inside that track.

Thanks for your explanation. That means Renoise requires a major update for Lauflicht sequencer tool since it forces you to use multiple tracks.

I think the problem can be better resolved if each fx chain can be assigned to a specific track. Currently they are by default assigned to the “current” track or to feed into another chain. The track routing will then happen in the fx editor like the plugin has its own track routing section for a plugin its output channels.
Did not hear the devs promising such feature at all, but it doesn’t seem an illogical next step to me.