Rni Database On Renoise.com?

I simply know this would be massively appreciated, multisampled stuff, good packs of drums/synths/basses etc, prelooped beats, you name it. Maybe it could be something for the registered users, with perhaps a ‘light’ version for unregistered users?

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I was thinking about something like this myself a little while ago, although not just limited to instruments. I thought it might be nice to have a general user submission area which could hold instruments (no copyrighted stuff of course), patterns, interesting dsp chains (probably limited to Renoise’s built-in effects, or possibly allowing freeware vsts too), nice themes, song templates which demonstrate complex send-channel tricks or things like that, etc.

I think the main problem - aside from creating the actual system itself which would be easy but time-consuming for any good PHP/SQL coder - would be the storage space and bandwidth needed to keep it running. All the files in the songs database are stored on external servers to avoid burning through renoise.com’s bandwidth, which was a smart move, but would that method also be practical for this new idea?

It could be very frustrating if you were trying to grab something really interesting/useful but the external server the file was hosted on did not respond for some reason. This is not such a big deal with the songs because maybe you just have to listen to the tune a few hours later. But for content like multi-sampled instruments which have a much higher value to a user, it would suck if you -really- needed a certain instrument to finish your song while you’re still inspired, but you were unable to download the instrument from the server and were forced to wait several hours. Your whole creative flow could be ruined because of such a simple problem, so I believe that a reliable central server would be important for something like this to work.

Anyway, those are just a few of my random thoughts.


Maybe scene.org has some hosting facilities for this kind of stuff
(it gets mirrored as well) or maybe they could create such storage at Splicemusic.com.
They already share sounds.

I agree, a place where we can exchange renoise data will be excellent.

A Bittorrent tracker could be usefull perhaps?

It’s another option but I think many people prefer not to use torrents or simply cannot use them due to computer restrictions or router problems, etc. A more universal method such as HTTP or FTP would be better, perhaps with torrent being an optional extra for those who can take advantage of it.

scene.org - FTP Space Application
yahoo group /google group - start your own group

Well there are plenty of servers where you could create an archive account.
Try something like www.putfile.com (or anything similar that would store archives for a longer time)
Or try http://www.orbitfiles.com/ which will allow unlimited file-size storage using their client.
(also you get 1GB space for free and your material is stored forever unless you remove it yourself, 20GB=10 bucks a year, 50GB=20 bucks a year, it doesn’t sound expensive)

This is an excellent idea Sagosen! I imagine the Renoise team is way to busy to devote sufficient time to it so someone would have to undertake it themselves. But if realized, this would be an awesome resource for the Renoise community! :w00t:

Descriptions! Categories! Searchable! Previews!

i just tried to find a thread i started about a year ago about this same thing, but i ended up changing my signature!

if this ever happens, i will upload a bunch of rni’s i made for using to make jungle.

i would also really F’n LOVE the ability to save/import/export patterns again!
i wrote a 15 min file of a bunch of amen brother patterns, it was spose to become 2 hours long, but then i realized i couldnt import,export or save the patterns anymore so it kinda lost its interest.

I run a resource site for the TrueVision3D graphics engine called TV3DFilez (the template on the site looks like shite atm… I’m in the process of designing a new one)… perhaps it’s time for me to start a site called RenoiseFilez :P

You Rocks Sagosen!
that’s a good idea…
I thought of it some time ago, but… it’s really an excellent idea.

HOo yes, it is! :D