Rni To Xrni Converter Tool?


I have a lot rni instruments that I want to convert to xrni with FLAC compression. I don’t want to convert them manually. Can someone make a script/tool for me? I don’t think I’m the only one with rni instruments.


RNI is not an open format… i doubt someone will be able to get this done quickly…

What you can do, is drag all your RNI files onto Renoise and then save the song as an Xrns. In that case you probably can use Bantai’s XRNI ripper to export or compress the stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion Vincent! This should work.

I recommended this to Tom. Sorry, haven’t thought of this. Indded no tool except Renoise itself will be able to read RNIs, so conversion will be really hard. Sorry.

Never mind. The suggestion by Vincent works fine :yeah: