Rnoise current version

With the continued betas of version 3, wouldn`t it be sensible to have somewhere to check the current renoise version - without having to log into backstage?

Really tired of these updates running out after a few weeks

true, but my studio computer is not connected to or anywhere near the internet. It would be good to have access to where were at on the website/forum

It is on the forum. Renoise 3 Beta testing > Renoise 3 Beta - Bug reports. Pinned at the top. Doesn’t tell you when its due to run out though.

Thats a helpful suggestion, I just read this from Taktik:

Unless something really bad happens, r3 will go final next week.

It more or less reads:
If nobody reports any more bugs, we’ll give it the final stamp.
So if you wander against an issue, please do report it, even if it is hard to produce.