rns choons

I would have thought there would be some kind of rns archive by now, but I can’t find one anywhere. The modarchive dudes look as if they’re thinking about adding rns type. The only renoise specific songs I’ve heard are trancespotting by phazze what came with the renoise download and the ones I wrote (which aren’t as good).

Where can I get some kick-ass rns specific choons from?


There is a Renoise song FTP here…

ftp : renoise.dynu.com
login : renoise
password : songs

and there will soon be a song area on this site soon (I’m lead to believe)

Rob> What are the uptimes for that ftp server?

I’ve been trying to access it a coupple of times but it has always been down… :unsure:

this server is no more. it was a private one. stay tuned, renoise.com will get itsown songs section soon.