rns Download site

Beginners always ask how does it sound, can I really produce some good stuff with it - of cause you can - is not the best answer. A Site where some experienced users can host their rns files would be a good impression to newbies on how does it sound in real. Mp3 songs as an example are always a bit cryptical, because newbies do not imagine what´s goin´on in the tracker. Anyway here´s an mp3 example, it´s simply an 8 track test of renoise and hosted by my favourite music hoster www.meet-music.com [DOWNLOAD_4MB](http://www.meet-music.com/shared_elements/php/download.php3/zer_project 8tracktest_ro.mp3?sid=34d48b61180e24fb11c86b41bd5dd24a&song_id=5447&filename=zer_project 8tracktest_ro.mp3)

Since it´s only a test don´t expect too much.

hehe… its a nice “SMACK MY _BEAT UP” tune :rolleyes:
I like the Smurf voice in it, fits in nicely to this violent bdrum…

thx. Most people find the vocal in it very ugly…what would the say if I´d sing that? ;)