RNS files have the Renoise version info?

Hello There,

Is possible look into a RNS file and know the exact Renoise version which was made? If yes how is the fattest way do it?

I’m digging all my old tracks (even from Fast Tracker 2) and release them at my bandcamp page, and would like to render in the same Renoise which was made, since sadly have few differences here and there that make the old tunes not good in the latest versions of Renoise (like missing effects which is now different).

With that info I’ll install the old versions just to render the old tracks for the releases.

thank you.

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Should be in Song.xml (one of the files bunded into every xrns file, which is just az ip file .

For example, a recent song of mine made in 3.1.0 has

at the top.

An older song, made in 2.8.2, has

I have not found anything to explain the mapping of doc_version to Renoise version.

Anyways, if you’re a coder, you could write a script to unzip the xrns, parse the Song.xml, and extract the doc_version number.

If you are not a coder then I know of no fast way.

Is there any documentation which doc_version corresponds to each renoise version that was released to the public?

Thanks for the reply!

Is there any documentation which doc_version corresponds to each renoise version that was released to the public?

With this info will be enough to let me do the work, isn’t many tracks that I don’t have the rendered file anymore.

Anyone with that list? Or how to get it?

Thank you!

nag the renoise developers until they release a list! would be proper…

or…download every single legacy version of renoise available from the backstage, save an empty song, and look which doc version is written into the resulting file.

The “try every version” approach might be faster. : )

I had recently written a Ruby script to list what samples I have used in a set of songs (to help avoid reusing the same riff in multiple songs) so I snarfed some code and put together a functioning script for extracting Renoise version info,


It was written on, and for, Windows insofar as it assumes you have 7z.exe installed and callable from a shell.

Modding it for more OS flexibility shouldn’t be hard, I just don’t have a need for it.

And, of course, it assumes you have Ruby installed.

It only has data for 3.1.0 an 2.8.1.

It’s a start.

For coders: You can grab the source code of my old XRNS-ListVST tool here, which has some old RNS file parsing in and extracts song version, used plugins and a few more things. The tool itself is outdated though, i wouldn’t use it anymore, but the sources can still have some use. It was written in plain C and the Windows API.


According to the file RenoiseDocVersions.xml in the schemas directory you may find xml nodes you can cross reference doc_versions with Renoise release versions? The table I got from it was:

Version doc_version
Renoise 1.8	4
Renoise 1.9	9
Renoise 1.9.1	10
Renoise 2.0	14
Renoise 2.1	15
Renoise 2.5	21
Renoise 2.6	22
Renoise 2.7	30
Renoise 2.8	37
Renoise 3.0	54
Renoise 3.1	63

Don’t know if that is right or wrong though.

Sweet. I’ve updated my script.

Thanks 4Tey.