RNS Pattern Art War Compo - Teh Voting

Here are the entries again:

# ptrance - 1337.rns
# Gilli - 1337.rns
# It-Alien - 1337.rns
# dblue - dblue1337.rns
# marc - retronoise.rns
# Parsec - patternart.rns

The winner will receive an award and will be entitled to open up a beer for the community afterwards. :rolleyes:

btw. Votes will be counted until 27th March 2005.


btw. Parsec you´re totally crazy. You made me playing your thing in a loop for about 30 minutes already :blink:

I like it. :D
BTW - for the best results set pattern following to off and hide the previous/next pattern in GUI config.

hehe… didn’t realise this was gonna be a proper compo… thought everyone was just bored and wanted to do something weird/interesting.

maybe I’ll create a more complex/cool entry for a future compo (if there are more, heh).

:lol: :yeah:

…in the “second half” ( ok, I know, it’s just 4 secs long but c’mon ) where the “stripes” effect becomes a right-to-left chequered sweep :) That is nice :)

errr… I did a compo and then totally forgot about it <_<

Well, as it seems our very handsome guy Parsec has won, so: Congrats! You may open a bottle of beer by urself now :)

Though, I´ve decided to leave the award since i dun have a “stupid-award-inspiration” right now ;)

note: I didn’t vote for me :rolleyes:

The burning question for me is: Who the heck voted for me? :blink:

I voted for dblue, it´s eh… funky. :D

parsec for president. a well deserved poll-victory, for (t)his most stylish creation :)
and someone has even voted for my little explosive pong! not me of course. :)

picks up a bottle rising it above the head for a clear display
Thankyou, thankyou everyone :)
I now open this bottle of beer for the whole community!

opens the bottle with a loud and live-effected POP!

I’m guilty. Cool idea there Marc! :)

thanks :)