Rns Project Songs -> Midi File

Is there any way I can convert my RNS Project songs to Midi Extention so I can read my song in notes (score) ?


Renoise , the best tracker ever been made!! B)

not an easy one.

You could try to set all of your ReNoise instruments as MIDI instruments (see Instrument properties), set MIDI out into MIDI config to a MIDI virtual cable (such as MIDI Yoke), and use it to read MIDI data with your score editor.

Results are likely to be poor, though.

MIDI export is somewhere in the to-do list, but it’s not for ReNoise 1.6

I see…
Thanks anyway It-Alien

There are a few “most wanted and most begged for” features stuffed in a list.
There are also a few “must fix badly” problems in a list

The only sure event i may announce that Taktik is going to start very soon drumrolls: a long vacation :P

I hope that point is being made clear by now.

So how about putting the “midi export” in the " most wanted and most begged for" list ?

Wouldn’t be great to print your piano song as a score so a pianist could perform it ?

That would make renoise even more Professional, and that sounds awesome to me.

So estimable programmers, I hope you’ll read this message.

like realtime recording? :P