Rns Release!

I’ve made this weird song lately. It’s actually a double-song. The first part is 115 BPM, tempo 6, 4 LPB, then it suddenly changes into 115 BPM, temp 4, 8 LPB :D. And so the first part is some dance-ish thing, while the second is slow and more laid-back.

I used only 4 VSTs here, they are all free, so I decided to release the rns too. I hope I packed all the vsts and nesecary stuff. Remember to follow the instruction in the README file if you’ve never used SIR reverb. I added the impulse file this song uses to the package.

I hope somebody finds the rns useful and the song enjoyable :).

OGG file (6504 kB)
RNS package (13.2 MB) (hosting by obScene. Thanks!)

This sounds pretty relaxed… (Don’t let yourself be fooled by the heavy and crowded sounded intro)…

I really like the swing and feel of this one alot.
Very enjoyable listen.

typing while listening…

i really like both parts of the song. beautiful stuff. i’d say this is one of the better songs i’ve heard posted on these forums so far.

the first thing i thought when listening to the dance-ish part is, “woooooowww, funky”… very funky bassline & stuff… second half is really good lounge/chillout music as good as what i would hear on the tons of chillout compilations i have.

two words: love it.
keep up the great work man

damn, i cant play oggs here… have to wait till i get home.

Why you guys love ogg-s BTW? :unsure:

Because it preserves better quality then mp3s on lower bitrates, and it even takes less space on same bitrates compared to mp3s.

And it’s very common format by now. Only WMP can’t play it :) (despite hardware players).

I almost forgot: thanks to everyone here! I’m glad you liked the track.

ok, i could listen to it now :)

food stuff man. i like the laid back feel of it!!

And the most important of all: It is a free, open and unpatented format… ;)