.rns to play with

hello. i am new to these forums and have been looking for people to exchange .rns files with-- you know, bounce ideas back and forth, touch up things…

heres something that was perhaps a worthwhile idea but really needs to be built on in the right direction:


its kind of a continuous crossfade thing, i’m interested to know if anyone goes anywhere with it.


i guess what i mean to say is, is there anyone even interested in .rns exchange / collaboration?

i’d be interested, though i would like to know what sort of music this is first (i can’t download; low bandwidth)

also, are you using 1.261 or the 1.27 beta? they wouldn’t be cross-compatible right now i assume; we’d have to wait until the real 1.27 is out…

Hello, i’d be interested in ‘swapping’ mods heh!
:drummer: :yeah: