Road Movie ft Michael Mayo

(stailer) #1

Hello !

This is a new track trip/hop / ambient / electronic :smile:
It’s a little bit special with an experimental break with sax…

Good listening !

Instruments VST : Spire (Pad), NeoPiano (Melody), Nexus2 (electronic Arpeggio), Lethal (for FX)
Midi : Nord Lead 1
Voice : Michael Mayo

…and few samples

(stoiximan) #2

Great job man congrats!!

(stailer) #3

Thank you @stoiximan !!

(Fabrice) #4

Perfect for chilling on the road… :sunglasses: Your song is well produced and sound refreshing!

(stailer) #5

Thanks @Fabrice !

i think piano track is a little bit strong…


i love the piano color in this. Reminds me of something smooth like Jonathan Fritzen a bit (with background synths as well)

(stailer) #7

Thank you @dspasic ! yes my inspiration is very smooth jazz, i love this style