Roadmap: 2006

Forgive me for being a pain, but taktik wrote:

Given that some time as passed, what can be annoced to the general renoise community about the roadmap to impliment the ‘arranger or wave-track’ feature?

I thought this would be a good thread to have some annocement to the situation, as well as any clear intention on the general development roadmap for 2006.

No harm or impatience intended btw, just the properity of the project. Long live this obscure and wonderful tool! :yeah:

To shine some light on this:
The winner-request was posted upon the boards on initiatives by Sagosen / Sewen before having any mail conferences held with the devs about the proposal.

So this is gonna take some time to discuss.

Just be patient for now.

Sure. But it maybe worth while to know what bugfixes / minor add-ons (like the menu system) is coming up? Or other concepts.

PR is going, and the whole Renoise team is getting better at it. I just don’t want to see anymore flaming threads screaming ‘what’s going on?!?’. People tend to get worked up :o .

But yes, patience… ;)

we already host a news section for this, where some little news were already given.

new Renoise version is at alpha stage now, so we cannot state anything about it.

maybe you guys could do a really stable 1.53 bug fixed release and a beta 1.60 release? the os x version still crashes regulary. it’s definetly workable, but it happens once in a while.