Roadrunner - The Bellows

I don’t like to put my tracks in genres, but most people say i make chiptunes so i guess that is what this is: :D

Produced entirely in Renoise 2.7 as usual, but i used one VST called ‘Ambience’, which is a freeware reverb effect.
I have tried lots of free plugins, it’s far between the good ones, but Ambience is a bargain. :)

ah i like it! nice solo’s here and there and lots of variation, good surprising breakdowns. everything i’d put on a song myself. :)

Thank you rhowaldt! :)

Hey the bellows the great is back :dribble:
with a 100% interesting track
with lots of cool things fx and breaks,
after 1:13 omg what a sound I really like, :walkman:
very clever usage of the free ambiance VST with filters,
impressive melodic line research with your nifty lead,
it nearly looks like an arp. excepted that it’s not repetitive at all
useless to say that I want more of it

Thanks KURTZ! :)
I feel like there’s no getting out of it now, i just have to produce on the ddrc28. :P