Rob Papen VST GUIs are empty since macos 10.13

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download and install Rob Papen RAW synth demo (VST/AU 64 bit): |

  2. Open Renoise 3.11 64bit (plugin bridge disabled) on macos 10.13 or later

  3. Try to open the VST version’s GUI. It should be empty.

  4. Open the VST plugins GUI in another DAW like Bitwig or S1, it should be normal


  • I think this already happens since 10.12 and Renoise only

  • I remember the AU version did work, at least in 10.12

I don’t have a solution for this, but this looks similar to the bugs Renoise has loading PSP Audioware VSTs in 10.13, and sounds similar to the Sugar Bytes Obscurium VST bug mentioned in this thread too:

We unfortunately can’t see any errors from the plugins here. They just open with a blank UI with no errors. So it’s also hard to fix something here.

I’ll ask the Rob Papen and PSP Audioware crew to have a look at this. Maybe they can give us some hint of what went broken in OSX 10.13. it wouldn’t hurt if you send them a little support mail too to speed up things.

I read that the Bitwig team somehow opens older plugins now with Cocoa GUI instead Carbon, if provided, or something. Maybe that would be a trace to go?
“macOS: some old VST plug-ins that have both Cocoa and Carbon GUI will now open windows with the more modern Cocoa GUI”