Robodub - Waldparty EP

Hey everybody

I made a second EP with songs and samples from the forest. Again, I did a lot of things in Renoise and then mixed and arranged it in Ableton.

It’s swiss german. So the first song is about a birch-king, the second about making love on the floor in a forest, the third about “Krampus” (“Schmutzli” in swiss german) who is smoking kush with his animal friends and the last track is about raindrops and dancing. Hope someone enjoys this :slight_smile:

The cover made a friend of mine. I linked his website in the ep info on soundcloud.

German rap,

I like the flute and guitar,

I wish the lyrics were in english.

thank you for youre comment!

I will think about writing a song in english ^^

Make sure to send me a link of it when you do. :slight_smile: