Robot Push Key - Chrysalis - digital release on DBYA

I just released my first single with proper distribution. Some of you might recognize the songs as they were recorded and released on Soundcloud a while back, now re-mastered.

“what electro and industrial would have sounded like if they had met under different circumstances than they did” - follower on soundcloud

Not very much of Renoise in these tracks, but there is on the full length album coming up in october.

First review! It’s better than I hoped for judging by the lack of response in the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw I know, it’s a narrow genre and not for everyone. :badteeth:

“The combination of which creates a lovely echoey chamber of sound that clangs and rattles along like an old freight train.”

As the album is released this saturday, I put together this video for Chrysalis to get the hype started. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

It’s a kinda remix of an old video by Aujik called Ordo.

Compliment on the release! The sound is original. Firstly the music sidetracks you with its disharmony. Mind tries to understand what is going on until something just turns on at some moment and you are turned on, too. Rhythm and vibrations begin to penetrate you. All these shrieks, squeaks, cracks resemble a distant talk. The sound literary hypnotizes with its rhythm and leads into altered state of consciousness. The tracks sound powerful, performing bass bombing. In general the sound is very psychedelic. Videosequence describes the situation precisely. I liked Sacred Geometry,Singularity, Quantum Solition, Laven, as well as the music itself. For me it sounded like Kraftwerk was mixed with Kyuss. Very refreshing. Sweden makes great electronic!

Thanks for the great review! I’m not expecting to grow a huge fan base, just really pleased that at least some people get it :slight_smile: