Robot Subwoofer Breakbeat

I don’t think i ever posted this one yet.

I really tried to push the limit in renoise with the lower frequencies. long time i didnt like the song. but now after listening again a few times in the train to work, i can really apreciate the bassy robot funk.

Kcirr3d - Untill Da Break Of Dawn

Sounds good on my sub! Nice song you got there.
What vocoder yoy used for that robot voice?

DC Vocoder by Akai
i havent really figured out how it works yet, its very good i gues…

warning: on some systems this song may sound like crap

Very nice. Has an old school electro sound.

I typically don’t like songs on first listen, but I think you did a great job!

Saving this one.

building the suspense with the hihats at the beginning. f****ing wicked. yes the bass sounds great even on my headphones. too bad it’s 2am and my family is asleep, otherwise i would bust out the speakers!!

this is excellent.

breakdown at 2:20 is spot on for awesome funkiness. i guess i don’t really have any words to describe how much i like this :)