Robot Voice As Dirty As Variform?

Hi all,

dont know if you know the Robot Voice in the Prod Variform from Kewlers. Download here

I would like to know, how can i do this in Renoise. I found a tool named Talkany, but it doesnt sound real Dirty at all.

Maybe someone knows how to fix it as Dirty as in their prod.


Hoping for suggestions.

cheers notorius

Try to use some vocoder (for example Akais D.C. Vocoder vst plugin) + renoises LoFi Mat and a lil add of distortion2 module. I hope this helps.

haven’t downloaded the demo… will do later when I get home… but to make sounds dirty I tend to mess with dfx buffer override and dblue’s glitch… but not on their standard settings… you can get some amazing effects if you turn wet/dry to 50% and start tweaking knobs… mild granular effects = organically dirty. Also, lofi might help… e-phonic’s lofi is pretty sweet… dfx geometer can also do some nasty-assed shit to sounds… all depends on what you want. I’ll have to listen to the demo soundtrack before I give any more tips though ;)

link ? :P

It’s probably just a vocoder with some harsh synthesizer.

No, it’s speech synthesis with some distortion (and/or other effects). Might be Atari’s SpeechST.

Couldn’t find any clips on youtube demonstrating SpeechST but this one sounds quite similar:

I’m pretty sure the speech in that demo is AnalogX Sayit with a bit of distortion and bitcrush added.


I can only find an mp3 of this track. Is there an Impulse Tracker module or an .xm of it?