Rockband Remixing

The original format has the drums and vocals separate… when I play rockband on 4 player multiplayer (no fail mode) and don’t touch any instruments, the vocals play… I can turn off the vocal track too, and have the drums play solo as I trigger them.

Google-found proof of concept - Flawless Ogg format vocals from No Doubt - Don’t Speak (with some additional non-guitar/bass/drum instruments)
I’m now thinking however, that the rockband multitrack is actually a 5 part multitrack… because when playing songs with the original vocals off, you can still hear the non-guitar/bass/drum instruments.

Ok… I’ve figured it out. They use a file format called MOGG to store the multitracks. ARKTool can extract these. I’ve managed to find MOGGs on various websites around the interwebs. IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, just google “songtitle mogg” and you’re likely to get something.

This is a freaking goldmine, people.

We have a winner!

You’ve probably already found it but there’s a torrent around called “Rock Band MOGGs” that has tons of stuff

Yes I did… but I wasn’t about to post that here :P