Rockband Remixing

I was playing Rockband 2 at a friend’s place last night, and it occurred to me that all the songs are obviously stored in 4 channel multitrack. Anyone know if there’s an easy way to extract them? I thought one obvious way would be to play all 4 parts on no fail mode with a 4 piece band (other 3 instruments silent) and record the results… this, however, would be a bit of a pain in the ass. I looked around for other cough sources of the rockband 2 downloadable songs, but couldn’t find them anywhere.

So just curious… any ideas, people?

Please avoid the obvious “this is illegal, dude” … I’m well aware.

This is illegal, dude ;)

No, but seriously, why would you want them? They’d just be triggers. Nothing that you can’t do already. Unless you reprogram and put them back into the game all crazy. But if you plan on using them to make a cover song or something, they probably wouldn’t even be usable to play the melody of the song. If you notice that there are only 5 buttons on the guitar. On a real guitar there’s frets and other shit. So I doubt that they follow any kind of musical notation in the game tracker file, just different variations of buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Maybe I’m wrong. I wish you luck either way.

What do you mean “they’d just be triggers”? They’re 4 track versions of the original songs, dude. They contain the guitar parts, bass parts, drum parts, and vocal tracks, all as separate wave files. You can’t separate these tracks cleanly with any semblance of quality from a standard final mixdown… Rockband actually contains re-recordings of many of the contained songs because of this fact.

By simply letting a multiplayer song play on no fail mode without actually playing any of the instruments, I can instantaneously record a clean a capella for any one of the songs in the game… how is this useless by any means? This is bloody amazing imo. Never before have such clean multi-tracks of popular songs been released to the public.

i know there are tools out there to extract music from guitar hero. i’m sure they’ve done the same thing for rock band.

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The rips are already available on the torrent sites. Get finding!

Srsly? I dun believe it. (what bloody torrent sites do you use?)

I remember there being guides on how to rip guitar hero songs and how to get yours on there. I remember this being related to Frets on Fire as well. After a bit of searching, the best I could find was this:…20BAND%202.html

Click on the “viva la music” link at the top and download all the zips in each section – they contain the multitracks tracks.

Check that site. I remember it being useful if you want to rip any more (I think my first link hsa them all)

I don’t think I worded myself right…

But I get what you’re saying, I know that the songs are rerecorded to be able to do four player. But as I said before, “if you notice that there are only 5 buttons on the guitar. On a real guitar there’s frets and other shit.” So instead of having guitar hero or rock band (or whatever) worry about note values, they’re worrying about timing and which circles to light up on the screen (so you know which button to press on the 5 button guitar). The audio is prerecorded (and runs alongside the tracker file as an audio file, not as single samples), which means that there’s no need to have the note values of the notes in the files. Am I making sense?

Again, I may be wrong. But unless you have a dev from the game confirm whatever. None of us really know.

I don’t need the notes. I simply need the multitrack waves.

I cannot believe I never thought of that. Absolutely spot on. Let me know if you get them and send me links to the results. Great idea!

Insane possibilities having the individual tracks to remix, mangle, and to have your way with them.

:cleans keyboard:

Oh… ha. Oops. Well, did you ever end up finding them on torrent?

Nope :(

Worst come to worst, I’ll need to go to a friend’s place and hook my laptop up to his 360… then spend all night trying to get the parts right for the song I want :P

Do the world a favour and share the recordings with us ;)
I’ll pay you, in musical currency!

Did you not see my post? The one with the link to the site? The site that had all the songs on it? :(

edit: this one here

Holy shit pod… no I didn’t notice… haha… thanks dude =D

I’ll check those out in a bit ;)

Pod: Those rips are amazing, except they joined the drums and the vocals. I’ll check out that ripper thingy later and see if I can use it. I don’t actually own a console, so I’d need to go to a friend’s place to pull it off.

Oh wait, just tried going to the scorehero forum topic you posted, and it wants me to login, however, I can’t register for some reason.

Never mind… I found the registration… thanks, google!

Lo and behold: The topic or post you requested does not exist

K… what gives? :(

I didn’t check the post myself, just liked the look of the link :D
I can’t seem to find anything myself right now. But just try looking/googling about on the Frets of Fire sites for converting/ripping guitar hero songs. ps: It might be the case that the original format has the vocals/drums mixed together and they simply left it like that.

ps: The same site that has the zips has some tools/guides it seems: