Rocket Guardian by Stailer & David

Hello !
This a new composition Electro/Vintage/Rock inspired by Rocket Raccoon, a character from Marvel movies, Guardians Of Galaxy.

Vst : Roland Jupiter 4 and Jupiter 8, Spire VST and Arturia Pigments. Few FX with Roland Zenology FX.
3 different HHats with Lethal VST

Solo Guitar : my friend David :slight_smile:
Rythmics Electro : Roland Sample
Ryhtmics Rock : Separeted drums from a loop sample
Good listening Renoisers !

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Great track and a great guitar solo from your friend!!They should make a separate movie with Rocket Raccoon as the lead, I think his character is worth the risk

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Many thanks @stoiximan !

yes i think too, Rocket is fantastic ! :slight_smile:

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Nice Song, with nice melody, but sadly i miss something in the mix. For me something is missing in middle till upper bass or lower mids what makes some little pressure to the song. Otherwise good work in my opinion.

happy tracking :slight_smile:


Hi @NPC1 !

I’m very happy that you like the track and I see that you listened with great attention :wink:
Mastering is unfortunately not my specialty but I try to progress… Especially by having feedback like yours :slight_smile: