Rockin 31st!

Without any damn sign of middle age crisis! Congrats, and thanks for Renoise my man!

happy birthday taktik!

Woah, one day after me? That’s easy to remember.

Happy birthday.

happy birthday. and 31 is so not middle aged. the early/mid 20’s girls love guys who are 31. :D

40 is when the real pain begins. :P

congratulations on reaching my age again :)

Congratz, have a good day!

Cool, I was born in 1977 too. Happy birthday!

Yay! I guess april 30th is like the single most fun day to have birthday in Berlin… so have a great partay :o

thirty and dirty

happy birthday Taktik :)

Thanks for the congrats guys! And yeah, having birthday before 1.May is quite comfortable in Berlin ;)

happy birthday taktik,have a great day

keep it NOIZEEE

Taktikday is a good day. for a great person.

77 was a fine year.

best wishes from me as well!
didn’t realize you’re just one year ahead of me - you look much older ! ;) ;)
btw: any plans for coming to cologne / evoke again this year ?


yep …Happy birhday …
Thirty ain’t that bad

Happy birthday. 1977 is my year too. :)

Happy Birthday Taktik!

Happy Taktikday!

Happy birthday maeng!