Roland Alpha Juno style "What The?" patch

Alpha Juno What The v0_5.xrni (16.0 KB)

Roland Alpha Juno “What The?” patch, created by me.

8 Macro controls, wish we had more macro slots, but here we are. “PWM” rate and Depth, Pitch bend decay timing, Amp Env Attack, Combined Decay/Release, Sustain, HPF and Chorus Depth/Feedback. Set to mono with a slow glide time (change glide time from G01 which is VERY slow, to GFF which is instant in the instrument, next to where Mono button is, I’ve set it to G20) however I’m not sure how to recreate the mono legato style playback when playing the keys to the pattern editor, except to use lots of Gxx commands to glide to note - if anyone could help that would be good.

Included is a sub-osc square wave set to minus 24 Semitones.

Sounds sort-of, kind-of like it to me - to say we can’t PWM in the sampler in my humble opinion. Use a base to improve by all means, would be keen to see what people make with it.

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comb PWM.xrni (5.7 KB)
heyo, try this?
I think it makes for a perhaps(?) more convincing PWM sound
two pulse waves, one inverted and sent though a separate fx chain with a comb filter for offset.
Phase cancellation creates the illusion/effect of changing pulse width

here’s a version using the multitap delay for the offset, but I think I like the comb sound better
MTD PWM.xrni (6.3 KB)

sounds decent with a saw wave, too
comb SAW PWM.xrni (5.8 KB)

I like the sound of what you came up with, too :slight_smile:

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I will definitely check those out tonight, keen to see what a comb filter does to the sound. I read that the Alpha faked PWM saws by detuning two sawtooth saws in opposite directions which makes it sound phasey like PWM but for saws. Im not sure why the pitch envelopes in the sampler dont sound like theyre jumping up the pitch as high as i would like.