Roland Juno Alpha 2 Pwm


We’re preparing some our old Prodigy remixes for upcoming show where we’re going to play at same stage with Leeroy Thornhill and Kieron Pepper (ex The Prodigy members). And for that case I sampled my Roland Juno Alpha 2 which is great for old rave Pad, Hoovers and other PWM sounds. I’ve cut, tuned and looped the selected presets:

Thanks to authors of scripts:

bystrano for Sample Utilities
vvoois for Extended Split Manager
It-Alien for Sample Slicer

and hell of the thanks to this outstanding project!

Thank you sooo much, I really appreciate it…that was awfully generous of you!!

Think i will be able to put these to good use!!! :walkman:

Thanks a bunch, really good clean sound-quality.

Whooaa! This kind of sample-packs are really valuable for guys like me who don’t own such gear…
And thanks for making it .xrni

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Thanks Zed. :)

Great sample pack, thanks!