Roland JV-2080 and SysEx

I have a specific problem with transmitting patch data from my PC to my Roland JV-2080 module - maybe someone can help.

Since the battery in my unit started dying (“Battery Low” message at startup), I decided to save one of my patches that I made, using the “SysEx Librarian” tool for Renoise.

What I did, was the following:

  1. I set up the midi receive device in Renoise, and clicked on “Record SysEx”

  2. I began transmitting my custom patch from my JV-2080 to midi

  3. a message said in Renoise “xy kbyte data successfully arrived”, or something like this

  4. I clicked on “Record SysEx” again in Renoise, so a window appeared to save my data into a SysEx file to my hard drive

  5. I replaced my battery in my Roland unit (and of course lost all my custom settings and patches)

6.I set up the midi send channel in Renoise, and clicked on “Send SysEx”

  1. I began transmitting my custom patch from Renoise to my JV-2080

  2. Problem: the SysEx (midi data) leaves Renoise successfully, also arrives to my Roland JV-2080 (MIDI message led blinks), but nothing else happens.

I can’t find my saved patch anywhere in the unit, and transmitting my data from Renoise to the Roland doesn’t do anything at all.

I also tried SysExBox and other SysEx programs, but with the same results. I set everything in my Roland module according to the manual to receive data properly from an external MIDI device, but it just doesn’t works. I have no idea what am I missing here. Not even a single message or warning shows up on my JV-2080, when I begin to send the SysEx file. Any Ideas?

Something to do with default device ID of 17? My JV-880 is like that, has caused some problems in the past with sysex. Sorry I don’t have it hooked up right now to see if I can replicate your issue.

Thanks for your reply!
Indeed, 17 is the Device ID of my Roland unit. (And also it is by default, I have never changed it.) But do I need to set this Device ID number somehow inside Renoise as well, (as being the sending device) to make these two elements of the transmitting signal chain synchronized?

When I booted up my Roland today, a small surprise was waiting for me: my custom patch was right there, where it is supposed to be. (User:001 under Patch). So my SysEx transfer was successful at last night, and the device just needed to be restarted after the transmission.

Hi, sorry but I’ve actually never used my JV-880 with Renoise, it’s been sitting unused on a shelf for a few years. I just remember that I ended up having to use SoundDiver almost exclusively with it to manage SysyEx because it was the only program I had access to that would allow for device IDs over 16. The only suggestion I can think of would be to perhaps use MIDI-OX, it’s a much more thorough SysEx handler than Renoise and has served me well for years. Might not be suitable to your purposes, though. Sorry I can’t be more of a help, I’ll probably hook up my 880 when I’m home from work today and test it just out of curiosity.

Edit: Ah good! so it worked. Glad to hear it.