Roland MX-1 & Renoise

Does anybody have experience with this? I have been waiting for the Korg Electribe Sampler but i’m tired of waiting and think I should put my store credit to good use. I already have a TR8 so it would fit nicely with that

Quite like the vertical fader symmetry of having an MX-1 running loops from Renoise to make some live techno arrangements…

Any idea how the summed output could be recorded? Would I have to Slave to Ableton or something?


Check out these two videos. It will work the same way, and there’s no need to use Live. Renoise’s mixer is actually quite similar to Live’s when it comes to routing imo.

The MX-1 works very good with Renoise (until now); I am using it in external mode to route single Renoise tracks to the MX-1.

It is also possible to connect external synthesizer to the inputs of the MX-1, route it into Renoise, and back to the MX-1 (having the effect chain in Renoise and in the MX-1! -> See picture one).

Picture two shows all possible inputs/outputs of the MX-1 (ASIO):

The only thing which is currently not working is to display the out1-2 and out3-4 as split single Mono outputs (out1, out2, out3, out4) in Renoise. Though I did the system configuration setting on the MX-1, Renoise seems to ignore this somehow and does not show the single mono channels but only the stereo ones. :frowning:

@DoubleDeep: does it work for you?

I don’t have the MX-1, but I use an X-32 Compact. I don’t think Renoise has any options for mono-channels, but you can work around that by “hard-panning” each track all the way to the left and right. I might be wrong tho, as I’m no power-user :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes with hard panning, I can simulate the monochannels; however, to have the mono channels visible would be the more professional view.