Roland MX1 and Renoise Help


Can anyone help me with trying to get the MX1 to work with Renoise 3.11? Its doing my head in! I want to use the MXI in EXT mode. However, the only way I can get the thing to produce any audio from Renoise is in Mix Mode, Mix mode is not want I want as I have some othergear I want to control via the MX1 andRenoise. The MX1 functions fine as a soundcard in EXT mode as I can hear sounds through it while using everything else on the computer its connected to and I can see that sound is working in Renoise, but can’t hear anything. I have triedASIO and direct modes, but nothing! Surely, it should hear sound in Renoise like everything else, but no.

If anyone has a MX1 and have managed to get it working fine in EXT mode, please can you let me know what you did to get sound working in Renoise.

Thanks and frustrated…

MX 1 owners manuals

download the manual: Using the MX-1 EXTERNAL MIXING mode

set output and input sound card to the MX1 in Renoise after putting the MX-1 to EXT according to the manual.

select the output channel in the Track DSP section at Routing (default: Master)

Thanks - I managed to sort it out. For some reason, the MX-1 was using fakers 1 and 2 for the main volume control and by default they were muted, easy when you know how. :slight_smile: