Roland R-8 Samples

ROLAND R-8 drummachine sampled by DJ Macron on his Akai MPC 1000 (16bit/44khz)
Sliced, packed (xrni) and delivered to you by Atarix.


a million thanks and on and on!

thanks for good job man! waiting for new kits ;))

Any more drumkit gear that you can get your hands on its samples?

i hope it`ll be an eight-oh-eight transistor rhythm machine s00n…but cant promise at 100%.

slightly off topic… Reason Refills:

Maybe someone can re-sample it in Renoise and save it as xrni for everyone.

I hardly use them and if I do, I just Jack Reason to Renoise.

Edit: also some free vinyl and tape drum machines:

btw, any elektron machinedrum users here?

Noticed that drum machine looks a lot like the R-70 I sampled a while ago.

So I uploaded it, enjoy.


THERE ANY POSSIBILITY FOR uploading it again?

yes, for sure, but…when i get my macbook from service repair, all samples/instrs are on it (
i guess it must happen in mid may (i hope so much!)

Too bad that the divshare site does not work here. Any chance that someone can upload it to some real webspace?



can you upload this files to any other filesharing site, like rapid, hotfile or else.
Coz i can dl from divshare–
always get the timer back…
THank you !!!

Can someone reup the R-8 and R-70 samples to Rapidshare or something else? This DivShare is not working for me in any browser. thanks

this is what i want too… but nobody do that :(

I found another R-8 drum pack on one of my external HDs, take it.

p.s. When my macll back from repair, ill repost those original R-8 pack sampled thru MPC1000.

i guess i found dat thing…

Roland R8 XRNI (sampled thru akai mpc1000)

Wow! Thans for posting! This is great for my breakcore!

Download doesn’t want to work for me. Just keeps sending me around in a loop.