Roland Tr 707 And Renoise

I’ve bought a roland tr 707 and I want to play the sequencer patterns inside renoise…is possible?
Can I control battery 2 inside renoise with the 707?
Please help me

PS:sorry for my bad english :rolleyes:

you can connect your tr 707 to your soundcard via midi, select your soundcart input in the preferences to be ‘master keyboard’
then when it sends out midi signals thy would play samples or vsti’s.

but if you want it sync to renoise you have to work the other way around. or set renoise to be midi clock slave. (that’s in the same preferences menu)

but Renoise don’t make a difference between midi channels.
so you can not drive (for instance) an kick and a snare with the same device (your case the TR 707)

If you need any dept about something, there are many people willing to help you out here.

-keeping in mind what Dr. Drips wrote.-

last i time i did something similar to this,
all i had to do was:

select the midi interface Driver of my midi interface Device.

in Both

‘In Device A’ of MIDI Master Keyboard/midi mapping
‘In Device’ of MIDI Clock Slave.

if the midi slave button is not on, it will only send notes an no clock.

an thats it!

while being able to input notes, i was also able to control the bpm, start & stop.

its a good idea for using renoise live, an it works well!

i had to change your to my, cuz i wasnt really at your house.


I’m assuming this works the same way for the roland boss dr 660?

I’m getting one as a birthday present from mah girl! :P

yes, the MIDI principle on that device is the same.

I am not sure how much midi control you are going to get out of a tr-707 as they have a quite limited midi implementation. I am assuming you would like to play the drums on the 707 in sync with renoise as well as having the option to sequence FROM renoise TO the 707. in which case you would set:

Renoise = Master clock (send clock out port $(whatever))
From the physical port go from (midi interface connected to computer) OUT
to IN on the 707
Set the 707 midi clock to receive or “slave” or RX. Clock RX not TX. I cant remember how the old roland machines label it.
The 707 should get the Midi Machine Control (MMC) messages from renoise telling it to start and stop.

The clock keeps it synchronized… quite poorly I might add as midi beat clock sucks but thats a matter of opinion I guess. All we have for now until UDP becomes standard… hopefully…

If the 707 sends note on and offs to renoise let me know. That could be useful! In which case you would flip everything around. Does the 707 even send MMC??