Roland Tr-8 midi integration

Hello! I have a roland aira tr8 connected via usb midi/audio to my pc. When i try to record some control changes from knobs to pattern sequencer the entire drum pattern is recorded, but i want to keep only CC for example snare decay and so on. I select the tr8 as main midi interface, works on channel 10, renoise is the midi slave. There is a way to ignore notes coming from the drum machine and keep only knobs messages? Thanks and sorry for bad english

up! help please

In Renoise 3.0 there are some extra settings you can apply to each instrument’s MIDI input, such as defining a note range that it will respond to.

In theory, you could set a note range that is outside the range of notes being broadcast by the TR-8, which should in turn effectively ignore them and prevent them from being recorded into Renoise.

I can’t say that I’ve personally tried this, but it’s worth a shot I suppose!

Amazing! Thank you blue!