Roland TR-8S owners: new Firmware Update 2.5 out

A new Firmware for the Roland TR-8S is out.
Additional Functions:

Added 6 new FM models:

FM Kick Model
FM Snare Model
FM Tom Model
FM Clap Model
FM Cymbal Model
FM Perc Model

Added 1 new Reverb type, 1 new Delay type and 2 new Master FX types:

Reverb type: HA-DOU
Delay type: PITCH SHFT

Other new features:

Added Probability and Master Probability functions.
Random All Instrument and Random Instrument functions have been added.
Added a function to play STEP repeatedly during STEP LOOP.

some minor fixes

And for those who didn’t know:
There’s also a free software editor available for download for the TR-8S/TR-6S via Roland Cloud

TR-8S Firmware update link


well… I can’t wait for the native effect fm modulator for renoise to appear )))

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This device looks like a lot of fun… Is it also usable as an USB audio interface? What is the samplerate?

I have a lot of fun with it. It has not only the standard 808/909 kits and functions, it also contains 606, 626 and 707 kits with all the functions of the vintage equivalents. The new FM capabilities are a dream with lots of fun. With the new FM models you can create your own individual drum sounds from scratch. And it also has a bunch of built in PCM sounds. You also can import your own samples to mangle and process them inside the TR-8S and its features and effects which also sound great.

And yes, it also can be used as an audio interface with a samplerate up to 192 kHz.
I use it as my audio interface and it works and sounds great.

And the new editor software is also great. Sometimes it can be a bit cumbersome to go deeper in the TR-8S menu. But with the software editor it all can be tweaked way easier then directly on the TR.