Rolling Beat / Delay

I’m wondering how to make a similar beat in Renoise. As you can hear the drum hits are slightly delayed.

I’m running 135BPM / 16LPB so I have more room for a delayed feel. Any chance someone can post up a simple recreation for me to dissect?

maybe i donT get it but wouldnT it be easier to just delay the whole track e.g. the ind. drum tracks in the mixer view?

Are you sure this ain’t just some funky a** programming? You can do this very well with renoise! Use the delay column or… forget to cut the silence from the beginning of your samples?

Maybe i’m a bit confused, too.

Do you mean delay as in late (behind the beat) or delay as effect (echo)?

Oh I’m sure it is some funky ass programming.

So using the delay column is the best way to do it? Not the sample delay command?

Give this a try :)

Just some clever programming to give a nice feeling of depth and complexity, but it’s actually quite simple.

Hope this helps anyway.

Fixed a minor mistake and uploaded a new version.

Amazing; thank you so much!

It really is quite simple compared with how it actually sounds.