(As in drum rolls).

Could someone please help me here?


Put several notes in a row.

C-4 00
C-4 00
C-4 00
C-4 00

there are several ways to perform a drum roll. it also depends on the music genre: for example, acoustic drum rolls should be performed differently from the machine-gun rolls tipical of some dance music.

could you please provide a little example XRNS file which shows a drum part on which you would like to add a drum roll? I would add it for you in order to show you how to do it.


Here is an example-file.

Track1 is consists simply of one measure of a pattern utilizing the ‘lofi’ drumkit.
I would like a tight drum roll of say perhaps 192 per 1/4 note, on the last 1/8 beat.

Just for a simple example.


(p.s I hope I was making sense)

then you definitely need a machine-gun-like roll…

download the example with the roll att the end.

a brief explation:
here, the 0Exy command is used.

first of all, you should understand that a pattern row is subdivided into invisible entities called ticks. the default number of ticks per row is 12.

the 0Exy command allows to repeat the play of a note (“retrigging”) several times in the same row. the y value will tell Renoise each how many ticks the note should be played. So, for example, if y is equal to 3 in a row composed of 12 ticks, the note will be played 4 times in a row.

The x value allows to change the volume of each note played in the row. the value table is the following and it is available here:

  • 0 No change
  • 1 −1 (equivalent to command 0710)
  • 2 −2 (equivalent to command 0720)
  • 3 −4 (and so on…)
  • 4 −8
  • 5 −16
  • 6 *2/3
  • 7 *1/2
  • 8 No change
  • 9 +1 (equivalent to command 0610)
  • a +2 (…)
  • b +4
  • c +8
  • d +16
  • e *3/2
  • f *2

in my example, 0E26 is used, playing the note twice per row (12 ticks, a note each 6 ticks)

For some reason I always though X and Y were the other way around. Number of ticks, then volume change. Especially as all the descriptions for some reason explain the Y first…



The volume change is very useful.

Very cool tutorial on how to do one specific kind of roll can be found here:

you can also enter the retrigger command in the panning column ans just use the volume collumn for volume changes

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