"Room-mic" drums

So, a lot of commercial drum VST’s use 2 separate versions of their samples, one for “close” and one for “room” mic’d recordings. Then they blend the two for how much “studio” or “live” sounding you want the drums to sound, from 100% close sounding completely studio-polished, and 100% room, imho sounding like a bunch of garbage falling down the stairs.

My question is: How closely did any of you manage to get a decent “live” drum sound using renoise’s native DSP effects? ie. something that sounds decntly “studio”-ish but with a bit of liveness to it? I imagine it would be possible using track sends, band pass filters, delays, reverbs, etc… anyone got some good advice on this?

A send channel with 100% wet reverb and a fairly short decay time, mixed with the original dry signal…that’s how I usually do it anyway.

I use Addictive Drums, and sometimes mix in just a bit of the room sound for a lively sound, depending on the context. If I want artificial room verb I’d reach for a quality VST rather than the native reverb. I know that I like the sound of the Princetown Digital Stereo Room plugin.

Another common production trick is to take the dry sound and play them really loud through a flat-ish system into a different room, one with favourable acoustic properties for the given task. Then record the ‘wet’ of that room.

If you’re stuck with the native fx I suggest you give some time to the Multi-tap delay - using bandpass filtering and subtle settings you can get something nice and full but not too wild sounding. Use the Multi-tap in a Send, and preface the effect with pitch drift and you’ll get a nice character.

I’ve done what esp described and put compressor and gate on it to make 80s drums. It’s not organic sounding but it’s close enough for messing around.

Thanks very much for your recommendations, everyone!

…what exactly do you mean by a pitch drift, and how would i go about making one? My first guess would be a single-pass chorus or flanger with 0% dry, something like that? (just not sure what you mean)

Easy. Native Chorus on 100%, no feedback, no phase. Select depth and rate to taste. ;)