Roots music renoise composition

Hello Renoise people !
This is my first post so I’ll make a brief presentation (didn’t find any prez thread anywhere…).
I’m Roganis, a 16 yo french composer who began composing with renoise about 2 years ago. I compose minimalist musics and roots-oriented music. I’ve been working mainly on background music for indie games (visual novess). But this is not the subject of the thread ! :P/>

So because of the Renoise community I’ve been interested in lots of kind of musics I didn’t used to hear, but I never found any composer making ethnic/celtic/traditionnal musics here. Am I really the only one ? :’-D
Also, if you use ethnic instruments for your compositions like woodwinds, percussions (bodhran or something else), badpipes or harp, could you tell me which VSTi are you using ? Sampletank and Purity are good to it, but I gotta find other sounds to change my music style !

Also, if you want to talk about anything ethnic/celtic music oriented, go on I’m really interested.
(I’m not sure I’m in the good part of the forum :huh:/> )

You won’t find much better than the commercial sample libraries available for NI Kontakt.

EWQL packs do a good job as well. Or you could perhaps use an instrument emulating synth such as those from Applied Acoustic Systems and there are a few other vendors that have nice emulated synths or synths that can produce very similar sounds.

Well I tried Ra Virtual Instrument and it was really disapointing, only the percussions were good, and the bagpipe was awfully made (like squeaking everytime). Still, it has good european drums and taiko…
NI Kontakt VSTis are indeed really sweet but they take lots of space and I don’t really like the Kontakt interface… :

There are three interesting VSTis :

  • Harptime to get some nice celtic harp, but Sampletank has almost a better one
  • Soundbytes Bagpipe, but it only has a few kinds of bagpipes, and they don’t sound really good
  • Soundbytes HurdyGurdy, and there’s almost nothing to say about it, considering it’s a really rare instrument you can’t find anywhere in sample workstations…

I don’t know about the bagpipes. I have been looking into those instruments in the past. But i imagine that bagpipes have a very simple sound if you leave out the environmental effects that they give in open air.
If you have the primary sound, you could emulate the effects around it using lfo’s on panning and phaser/flanger modules. (that is how i rather have the sound:basic so i can emulate and humanize the effects that are commonly attached to the atmosphere)

If it would be for Chinese, the Kong Audio Chinee orchestra is really a dope root pack, but not celtic

Roots music can be any music, or… ?