Rotate/shift Pattern

would be cool to rotate/shift pattern and/or pattern selection.

yeah, totally agreed. i always get to this point where i realise my groove has mutated and now starts on the 10th beat.

err… rotate?!?!? :blink:

Well, it’s sometimes called rotate in computer terms, when bit shifting a number.

ok ok… I was starting to think that it had something to do with surround sound :P :lol: :rolleyes:

…or maybe piano roll… pattern rotated 90 degrees :P :lol:

Btw, maybe flip/backwards selection would be cool to have too :)

Why not even rotate track in song/pattern in song etc.

Rotate=scroll so that it wraps around the pattern?

When I live record thing into Renoise over a couple of patterns it often ends up starting to late, so a scroll for several tracks would be nice. Also the ability to scroll a selection around a pattern.

Not sure what is being rotated here, maybe my brain? :wacko: hehe
But is it anything like the “swap” function in Impulse Tracker where
it would switch the selected block with a block of same dimension starting
from the cursor?
Anyway I miss that one alot :wub:

i always end up having my patterns feel like beat 1 is actually on some other beat too. being able to shift the pattern around solves that problem, or makes new interesting patterns. i was making a song last night and was really wanting this feature!

rotate would wrap around to beginning of selection, or top of pattern if nothing is selected.

track 1

00 f3 selected
01 c4 --> c1 (after rotate down 1 step)
02 00 --> c4
03 00 --> 00
04 b2 --> 00
05 c1 --> b2
06 00
07 e2
08 e3
09 00
10 00

(you’d be able to rotate up too)

and wouldn’t it be cool if you could also rotate horizontally across tracks? then you could swap bass drum hits with cymbals or stabs or whatever.

It sounds like a “chaotic” feature like the “flip” that comes in handy when you
just hand up control of the song. Its a good way from stopping yourself
making another “plain vanilla” song. Could be cool.

yes. protracker had this too.
would be cool to have it in renoise :)

it would be neat if it turned the pattern editor into an OpenGL plane that spun on it’s vertical axis while you programmed into it. or if it rotated the pattern editor counterclockwise so you entered pattern data from right to left. or if it shifted all pattern data one channel over and wrapped around.

i think this thread is a gedankenexperiment to see what kind of ideas people come up with for how one would “rotate a pattern”.

yeah. would really be cool. this way we could sink the monitor plain inside the table, look at it, and still have the illusion the patterns are moving vertically :blink: