Rough idea (made a beat after some time)

Hi guys,

i did a beat after a while, let me what you think


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I like it. The drum kit has too loud cymbals for my taste though.

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Very groovy with record-taste :slight_smile: Nice!

@Cie @actor , thanks for checking it out!
@actor , yes, it’s more like a break just layered kicks and snares, and didn’t want to edit cymballs (read: i was lazy last night to separate kicks and snares from hats/ by chopping in detail original groove) a lot so i can keep that groove. The thing is that i was daily thinking of making some music, but never actually approached to make some. Now i’m back :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good and has potential. The bass can have a bit more clarity I think. It sounds a bit muddy in the low end and mid range. A bit more EQing should help. And a high pass filter on every track except bass and kick.