Round Robin/Randomisation

Pretty much what the title says, these features would be nice for setting up acoustic kits
I don’t use Renoise much anymore because Rewire is a pita and i picked up a cheap second hand VSampler (Would use it more if it where a VSTi)
Has the Rewire been updated so that you can trigger different instruments on different channels now and not have to sequence with Renoise anymore ?

MIDI has…

I guess that’s a no then ;)
No worries, I suspect somebody like myself who only used it as a sampler is a very rare use case anyway

Actually, I don’t know the answer. Trying to fish it out, too.

Aaaah OK
I’m on a netbook at work, so i cant test until tomo to find out

Nopes, unfortunately multiple midi output is not yet supported through ReWire.
You can use virtual midicables now though, but that isn’t essentially as fast as with ReWire.

And if you are using Windows 7 64-bit edition, you need to update one particular entry in the registry as Renoise doesn’t seem to get access to this part of the registry to alter it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Propellerhead Software\ReWire\Renoise]
“Device Path”=“C:\Program Files (x86)\Renoise 2.7.0\ReWire Engine.dll”

If you check it, it probably still points towards 2.6.1 (which also causes Renoise 2.6.1 being opened instead of Renoise 2.7.0 whenever you select Renoise in another host as ReWire device)

No worries
The current Rewire implementation is not up to the task for me anymore to be honest, Renoise hasn’t really gone in a direction that is useful for me , But good luck with it anyway, I will be keeping an eye on it, even if not using it :D (I’m only licensed upto v3 anyway so i certainly got my moneys worth)

+1 for round-robin sample selection anyway though. It’s not SO important in Renoise where each note can have an individual sample chosen (unlike a MIDI sampler), but it would still be a nice convenience feature.

we discussed round-robin during alpha stage. we are directed towards adding configurable automatic humanization of instrument parameters rather than round-robin. do you think it would be enough?

this would not be for 2.7 final, though

You mean like auto-humanising pan, volume etc? That would certainly be a step in the right direction, but there is still the situation where you have a folder full of similar-but-slightly-different hi-hat samples (for example), and it would be nice to load all of them and have them selected at random on the same note, rather than loading each one onto a separate note and tracking in the “random” selection manually.

sure, but round-robin can still sound artificial even with a set of 6 different sounds. Humanization of parameters could also involve, for example, randomization of a slight 09xx effect to apply to the sound. They are both useful addition to the sampler arsenal, but considering that Renoise currently does not have direct-from-disk streaming, humanization would require less resources while still getting an always different sounding result

i’d still like to see round robin.

You can use it for more than humanising a sequence.

How about triggering a totally different sound each time a key is presseed? Set up properly it can be usefull in a sort of live performance way.

I agree, they would both be useful, both for tracking inside Renoise and increasing its value as a standalone sampler for use with other applications. For my own personal workflow I think round-robin[1] would be more flexible, but I could certainly see parameter randomisation being useful too.

[1] Technically it probably shouldn’t be referred to as “round robin”, since samples would be chosen randomly rather than in a deterministic sequence. But maybe both options would be useful.

i’d like the ability to it in either a deterministic or random fashion.

I’m not sure what that should be called either.

I’d call it “sample pooling”

i suppose that’s a good term for it. do you agree its different from the solution you were proposing earlier (humanization of parameters)?
personally, the first thing i think of with this is not multiple snares to make nice snarerolls, but a bunch of samples randomized. i love random stuff.

Yeah that would be called Round Robin or Randomization as the two option, much like the title and much like most other drum samplers out there

Plus 1 and a bumpity bump-a-bumpy for this one. Would love to see this in a future xrni spec.

there was the idea of calling different samples at other velocity-layers than programmed, but then one should be able to set the range of velocity values to load these different samples into (so that certain velocity layers don’t join in on the random sample playing because the sample wouldn’t fit the velocity style).

Yes, If I understood correctly, the most obvious way to do it would be by having a definable ‘sample-pool’ per keyzone.
And I also think the automatic humanization mentioned by It-Alien on an earlier post would be smashing. I remember setting that kind of stuff up on ModPlugTracker-instruments back in the day. Very efficient way of doing simple humanization.