Route Midi From Plugin To Another


How do you get Catanya to work with renoise?
Is it possible to send the midi output from the VST plugin to another VSTi plugin inside a rewired host?

If not, does this mean I can’t use Catanya in renoise, and if so, what are the future plans for midi routing?

I have been waiting for these midi options since Renoise 1.8. FL studio has them and all other DAWs like Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Sonar, Reaper.

Thankful for any help,


sending midi data to vsti’s is ( currently ) not supported by renoise …so midi stepsquencers are of no use …to bad b’cause I have this magnificent stepsequencer ‘era’ collecting virtual dust …
So let’s hope that taktik integrates this often requested feature

You have this a little bit mixed up. It is of course possible to send MIDI data to VST instruments and effects, otherwise a huge amount of basic functionality would not be possible. What is not currently possible, is taking the MIDI output generated from a VST plugin, and then routing this back through Renoise into something else.

The only way you can fix this currently is if you can run Catanya standalone and use Midi Yoke to send the midi data to Renoise.
I use this option as well with Wordbuilder that controls the Symphonic Choirs Play plugins.

In dutch we call this Mierenneuker …ofcourse I know there is some basic midi functionality …otherwise we wouldn’t hear shit …

Well, my sincere apologies for being a nitpicker. I just felt it should be made clear, that’s all. To a brand new user, these kind of distinctions are important.

Thanks for clarifying everything around this subject and how to properly adress the matter in the future.

What I really want is this feature implented straight into renoise and not use any workarounds that doesn’t do the job properly. I read a long time ago that this was requested as an implentation and that it is a sought after feature among renoise users. So yes let’s hope it will be introduced soonish. Thanks for all responses, helped a lot! :) :D

p.s I think it’s weird that after all this time it’s not a part of renoise yet. But hey what do I know, i’m not a programmer. :)